Fall Family

I had the opportunity to photograph a family that wanted out door, colorful pictures...

The weather worked with us on that goal! It was a perfect, crisp Fall day.

We found many fun locations.

Near a nice little fishing pond...

In the shade while the kids burned off some of the energy I often wish I still had...

On bridges, and near creeks...

In, on and around trees of all sizes and colors.

It was a nice sweater weather and spice cake day!!!
A good photograph is usually looked at...
Seldom looked into...
Let me help you create photos you will look into,
every time you see them...

Who I Am

I am a woman of many interests and a Gramma who is very enthusiastic about photography!
I remember my Mom having either her little Brownie camera
or a movie camera with her most of the time,
as a child I learned to see the beauty in a sunset,
the color of Fall leaves,
the faces of loved ones,
all from watching her and spending hours looking at the finished snap shots
A while ago I received a gift from my Grampa,
many years after his passing,
that enabled me to get some really awesome photography 'stuff'~
unleashing my inner photographer!!
I love making memories for people through the photographs I make.
I do it in the hopes that you don't just look at them,
but look into them and see the memories that were made along with them.
I really don't like stiff portraits.
I prefer the real thing;
a genuine smile,
a belly laugh,
a tender moment...
this is were the memories will live forever!
Smile and Remember;
We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.