Greeting Cards

Adding some scrapbook features to a photograh makes wonderful
Holiday greetong cards...

Finding your pictures in a picture

I've heard many people describe the same type of thing that I feel, about photography.
Once you start to look at life through a camera's lens, you see pictures everywhere, and you always take a camera with you, for those 'that would be a great picture' things.

Here is one of those great picture places...then again I like to find the picture that is always in the picture, waiting to come out...
It might be in a pencil sketch... 

Adobe Elements 5

Some new thing you find while learning your photo programs...
Adobe Elements 5

Then you find the perfect picture that was in there, waiting for you to discover it...
Photomatix Pro HDR

Take your camera with you for those times you *see* something other's may not notice.

Finding The Old House

I absolutely L-O-V-E finding the pictures in the picture!!

Before leaving the shoot with Amber and Colby, I had to have a picture of just the house, it is one of those things that calls to the deep part of me, I don't know why, but I always try to answer when it does. I have never been disappointed yet.

Then when its time to relax and do pictures for myself, I play with them in the different programs until I find the one that I was *seeing* through the lens when I took the picture in the first place...

This one is nice, but I felt like it was to dark, not what I was looking for. I think it has sort a forlorn feel to it.

Grunge wasn't it either...

This one seemed closer, it has that over the river and through the woods' feel about it. Like you should be singing on the way to Gramma's house...

Nice, but still not what I wanted to feel from it.

Then I thought I found it in a painted version...

It wasn't until I did the "Depth Of Field" adjustment that I found the picture in the picture that I wanted.
Since the house had a magical sort of feel to me when I saw it, that was what I was looking for in the finished memory...
All it's missing is the Fairy Dust...
( I will add that from my photo scrapbooking stuff ).

I aways seem to have to try one in black and white too,
sometimes they are thee perfect look.

What I'm trying to put across is this;
Don't be afraid to play with your pictures to find the photograph that you envisioned capturing. You will like some, you will hate some, but hopefully you will become friends with your photo program and L-O-V-E your images and memories.

Amber & Colby

Amber & Colby Introduced me to a place where I'm sure dreams can come true, it was almost like a fairy tale.
It was a little cold out but hey managed to stay warm.
They are such a cute couple.

Thank you for allowing me to share in your joy.