The F. Family

This shoot was so much fun!
A bonus for dad was that there were a lot of great backgrounds in a very close radius, not a lot of running around.
Thanks for asking me to help create some of your memories.



The thing about panoramic pictures is this...

I like them a lot.
Really a lot.

The Hat

Modeling the hat, she was teasing me with a determination not to smile. 

Halloween 2011

We had some fun following a few Halloween party's this year. Here is a taste of the fun we had.

The B. Family

Thank you for letting us spend an afternoon on a trip over the Long and Short divide, and to climb around the barn with you.  

Busy Summer Samples...

I must apologize for taking so long to update the photography I have been busy doing this Summer.
Thinking the best thing to do at this point is to give a sampling of some of the shoot's we did.

Thank you everyone for allowing me to be a part of capturing some of your memories!!

Passed my Grand Niece on the way to the fair and captured her "Perfect hair day"...

Tried my hand at pet photography...
That is pretty hard! There were 3 dog's posing, but they never looked in the same direction at the same time.
Much harder than I thought!

Spring Pictures

Photographing these three beautiful young women was so much fun. I think the best part was asking someone none of us knew if we could use his awesome tree as a back ground-He was kind and they wanted to hide :)
Thank you for letting me do these for you!!

Springing Into New Portrait's

Spring is the time to start thinking new portrait's.
Time to wake up the camera's from their Winter slumber and start making fun new memories through pictures.
Thank you for letting me share some time with you making new memories.